Privacy Policy

Last Updated: April 11, 2022

I‘m committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy describes how Mark Douma LLC (referred to hereafter as “Mark Douma LLC”, “”, “I”, and “me”) collects and uses any information gathered about you. Please review the following instances where I may collect data about you and how it is used.

Using my website:

When you visit my website, various information is recorded in the server log files including:

I do not associate this data to individual users, and I don't redistribute or sell any of this information.

My website does not use cookies to track your usage.

The Font Finagler Lost License page uses a webform where users can submit their email address to retrieve any serial numbers or licenses associated with said email address. I use that submitted email address only for searching in my records and sending out licenses if they are found. I don't sell that information or release it to any other party.

The Upgrade to Font Finagler 2.0 page uses a webform where users can enter their Font Finagler 1.5 serial number to upgrade to Font Finagler 2.0. I only use the serial number to verify the quantity associated with their order and to redirect them to my webstore where they can purchase the upgrade.

When you purchase a license:

When you purchase a license, I store a record of that sale (including date of purchase, name, and email address) and license keys for the duration of the license agreement. I don't sell that information or release it to any other party.

The purchase process through Digital River GmbH is governed by their Privacy Policy.

When you use my software:

Some of my software may have an optional, built-in automatic update feature where it periodically will check my website for the latest version of the software. If you enable this automatic update feature, when the software does this check, information similar to when you visit my website is recorded in the server logs. This data is treated identically to the data in the "Using my website:" section above.

Additionally, some of my software may offer the ability to send anonymous system profile data when you check for the update. That information includes the OS Version, info about the type of Mac you have (model, speed, amount of memory, etc.), and your preferred language. This data does not identify you personally. I will only use it to shape the future development of my software and website (for example, what’s the oldest version of macOS I need to support in the next release of my software?, or should I consider supporting additional languages, etc.). I do not sell or reveal this information to any other party.